Refer A Friend and Get Reward

Refer a Friend — get 10% off!

Recommend {{restaurantName}} to a friend.

You’ll both get a coupon with 10% off .

Frequently asked questions:

How do I get started with Refer a Friend?

Inviting friends to {{restaurantName}} is rewarding and easy.

  1. Just enter your and your friend's mobile phone # and email address and click "Submit"
  2. Your friend and you will get copuon number through an email or text message
  3. Then, you can use this coupon in online sale or dine-in order

That is.

Can I refer myself?


How many people can I refer?

As many as you want.

How come my account has been locked?

This is because un-deliverable related emails or text messages found related to your account.

  1. In order to elimiate spam, the system may lock your and your firend account
  2. in case that there are too many un-deliverable related emails or text messages,
  3. so, please make sure enter correct email address and mobile phone number

How come I didn't see the coupon number in my email in-box?

This is because your email server may put the email into Junk mail folder. So, search in Junk mail folder and set it as non-Junk.